Chinese herbs have been used successfully to treat millions of patients over thousands of years, arguably their efficacy and history are more established than many western drugs. Dr. Zhao developed his unique herbal capsules based on many years of clinical research and experience. They have been used successfully in increasing immune support, reducing insomnia, depression, fatigue, allergies, balancing hormone and blood sugar levels. Best of all, Chinese herbs do not have the sometimes unwanted side effects of western medicine.
The herbal capsules contain concentrated herbal ingredients and as a result are less expensive, more pleasant tasting and easier to take compared to traditional ‘herbal soups’ or ‘teas’ used in Asia. Dr. Zhao received research awards for his work on herbal medicine research and development from The Beijing Government’s Department of Health during his employment with The Beijing University. In addition to following the recommended prescribed dosage and duration, patients should also expect that lifestyle or dietary changes may also be required to achieve and maintain the benefits from taking Chinese herbal medicine.
Chinese herbs have been used successfully for thousands of years in China and throughout Asia. A positive attitude towards wellness may reinforce the effects of the treatment received just as a negative attitude may hinder the effects of acupuncture, Chinese herbal capsules or any other treatment. It is always beneficial to have confidence in your physician, but belief in a specific method is not a requirement to achieve positive results.
In fact, many of Dr. Zhao’s previously sceptical patients (which include western trained physicians and medical specialists) have found his herbal products to be extremely beneficial, and have referred their friends and family to his clinics for treatment.
The perfect medicine would target only the health problem and have no other effects on the body. Such a perfect medicine does not exist.
Any Western or Chinese medicine, no matter how safe and effective, has the potential to cause side effects. Various Cautions and Warnings, Known Adverse reactions are listed on our product labels as part of our Health Canada product license.
Dr. Zhao’s Herbal Capsules are a natural health supplement and our experience is they generally do not interfere with other medication and are regarded as safe when taken according to prescribed dosage.
However, it is always a good idea to consult a qualified health physician (preferably someone with experience in complementary health care) before taking herbal medicine.
Yes, our Herbal Capsules are gluten free.
The shelf life of Dr. Zhao’s Herbal Capsules is 3 years if the product is properly stored in a dry, cool place and away from direct sunlight.
Yes, Look for 8 Digit Health Canada Natural Product Number (NPN) on all our products.
We ship our Herbal Capsules internationally. Please note additional shipping, customs charges may apply depending on your location.