Needle can be swift and impactful

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A study involving 4400 diabetic patients over 25 years showed that half of the patients suffered from pathological changes in the form of diabetic foot. This involved a decrease of sensitivity in the affected foot area, and a decrease in mobility of the ankle. Acupuncture is a very effective therapy for those that suffer from this condition. Just one needle can open clots and blockage as well dissipate any numbness or discomfort. Many patients who have had acupuncture to treat their diabetic foot have been very pleased with the results. One patient in particular noted how he previously had seen another doctor for 7 months and wasn’t able to get the same relief as a single session of needling. Acupuncture may look simple but there is a lot of history and skill behind each needle and technique. Some may think acupuncture is a slow meticulous process, but the effects of one single needle can be swift and impactful!

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