Control Anxiety and Depression

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We use acupuncture and herbs to help with anxiety and depression. Especially with those that have a blocked meridian resulting in symptoms such as feeling more emotional, easily frightened, heart palpitations, a feeling of suffocation, heartaches, shortness of breath, tightness in the throat, irritability, and/or insomnia. We’ll help to create relief right away!

Amazing Herb

Chinese Herb

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A frequent patient came into the clinic with extreme discomfort. Dr. Zhao was able to diagnose the issue quickly and help to alleviate any problems. Furthermore, the patient was also looking to lose weight. After using Dr. Zhao’s weight loss program, she was able to lose 7 pounds in 10 days. This combined with the remedial effects of Chinese Medicine …


Acupuncture is a craft that requires a lot of study and practice in order to be effective.

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In a landmark study, over 4400 patients with diabetes were serially evaluated over 25 years. Neuropathy is defined as the decreased sensation of the feet and a depressed or absent ankle reflex. The onset of neuropathy correlated positively with the duration of diabetes. By the 25th year of the study, 50 percent of patients studied had neuropathy. Currently, acupuncture is …


He wish he could have acupuncture treatment everyday

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An artist’s work is represented in his painting. Their artistic work can be put up for display on New York’s Fifth Avenue or any big stage for the world to see. Similarly, an acupuncturist’s work can be reflected in the numbers in their patients, whether that number be their blood sugar or blood pressure. While most may not be able …


Needle can be swift and impactful

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A study involving 4400 diabetic patients over 25 years showed that half of the patients suffered from pathological changes in the form of diabetic foot. This involved a decrease of sensitivity in the affected foot area, and a decrease in mobility of the ankle. Acupuncture is a very effective therapy for those that suffer from this condition. Just one needle …

Natural herbal pills

how regretful wasn’t able to come sooner

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Today was the second time Mr. G came to the clinic to have his diabetic foot treated. After the acupuncture session, the numbness and burning sensation experienced in the foot was reduced, according to the patient, by 80 percent. After a week of Chinese Medical Herbal treatment, Mr. G’s blood glucose levels dropped down to the range of 40-60 mg/dL. …

Blood Sugar

Incredible, Unbelievable, Amazing

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Canadians prefer natural remedies and empirical evidence to help illustrate how those remedies are effective at solving their issues. Receiving praise from those that have received positive effects from treatment is a genuine, heartfelt happiness. Over time, these praises help to build a strong foundation in which more work can be done to further improve efficacy and effectiveness of treatment. …

TCM Helps high blood pressure

Control High Blood Pressure Naturally

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Ms. Pin, 66 years old, suffered from high blood pressure, insomnia, tachycardia, and atrial fibrillation. She took western medication for her atrial fibrillation and insomnia but was then introduced to the clinic by other doctors. Ms. Pin then received acupuncture treatment once a week in combination with taking Chinese herbal medication. After two weeks, her blood pressure and heart rate …

It does wook!

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Westerners have begun to acknowledge that Chinese Medicine can reduce blood pressure, lower heart rate, and reduce stress. After Chinese medicine treatment, headaches alleviate, heart palpitations are gone, and blood pressure drops. Those who have undergone Chinese Medicine treatment say it’s a wonderful and awesome feeling!

Reduce Western medicine intake of diabetics

Reduce Western Medicine Intake for Diabetics

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Mr. Zhongyin is 62 years old and has had type 2 diabetes for 20 years. He took metformin daily, as well 55 units of insulin every morning and five units every night for 30 units before he came into the clinic. He had a morning fasting blood glucose of 8.5-9 and a HbA1c reading of 12. After seven months of …