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Incredible, Unbelievable, Amazing

Canadians prefer natural remedies and empirical evidence to help illustrate how those remedies are effective at solving their issues. Receiving praise from those that have received positive effects from treatment is a genuine, heartfelt happiness. Over time, these praises help to build a strong foundation in which more work can be done to further improve efficacy and effectiveness of treatment.
A 60-year-old female patient came into the clinic on September 7 with the following conditions: Diabetes, hypertension, and obesity due to endocrine disorders. These issues developed after surgery for cancer and she has been plagued by the above problems for many years. These illnesses have caused her to become stressed, anxious, and depressed. She came to the clinic confused and wanted to seek help. Through the first session of Chinese medicine treatment, her blood pressure was reduced significantly and that helped convince her of the effectiveness of TCM. For the first time she was able to see her desired results through therapy. On Sept 20th, her blood pressure has dropped to an acceptable level. She was able to lose 10 pounds and her 2-hour post-meal blood glucose level is at 6.4 (the lowest it’s been in a decade). This has led her to describe Chinese Medicine as being “incredible, unbelievable, amazing”.

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