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The Benefits of Cordyceps Mushrooms

Cordyceps mushrooms are a wild variety of mushroom, used by Chinese medicine practitioners for thousands of years. They provide a huge variety of positive effects to users, ranging from increased energy – to a stronger immune system. Cordyceps mushrooms originated in mountainous China, and the fungus itself grows on both native caterpillars and other insects. Over time, however, Cordyceps mushrooms have found increasing popularity in the Western world, as their uses are varied and hugely beneficial.

Cordyceps mushrooms are a popular herbal remedy for athletes, as a result of the energy boost that they provide to users. The fungus, which is widely distributed as a powder, is a favourite among sportsmen and women- particularly because it provides a large but safe increase in energy. The mushroom is also thought to increase endurance in sport, which could improve performance in athletic activities involving resistance or strength training.

As well as relieving fatigue and increasing stamina, Cordyceps mushrooms are also used to treat and prevent a number of chronic conditions. The Chinese herbal remedy is used by experts to treat breathing disorders, which include chronic bronchitis and recurring coughs.

What’s more, the fungus is also thought to act as a preventative treatment for certain cancers. Because Cordyceps increase the immune system, many experts believe that a regular intake of the mushrooms could lower the risk of developing certain cancerous diseases. These include skin and lung cancers, among others. Moreover, some studies have uncovered the potential for Cordyceps to promote natural cell death – which could lead to the death of cancerous cells. The remedy is also thought to reduce the negative effects of chemotherapy, meaning that it could alleviate some of the uncomfortable symptoms that cancer treatments cause in patients, as well as potentially helping with treating the disease.

Patients who suffer from a lowered immunity, as a result of a disease or deficiency, also widely choose to use Cordyceps as a treatment. The mushrooms are believed to stimulate certain chemicals and cells that control the immune system in the body, and this in turn increases a user’s resistance to colds and infections. The fungus is also regularly used as an energy tonic, which means that while it increases your immunity, it doesn’t lower your energy levels in the process.

The wide variety of benefits that Cordyceps mushrooms provide means that the herbal remedy is widely distributed across both Europe and the United states. Many products available for purchase are not pure, which is why it’s important that consumers understand how much of the product is being retailed at the time of the purchase. It’s also important for users to consult with a healthcare professional prior to regular use of this substance, as its potency could interfere with existing medication.

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